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Natural Language and
Information Processing

The Natural Language and Information Processing (NLIP) research group at the University of Essex has been conducting cutting edge inter-disciplinary research for over 40 years, working with exciting and successful industrial partners.

Language &

Natural language processing (including information retrieval, text analytics, semantics, language theory, and their intersections) have been a key area of our research for over 40 years.

Information processing and computer vision are at the heart of the multi-modal research we conduct, from healthcare applications to running shared tasks through CLEF and MediaEval.

Set up as a complement to the Coral Reef Research Unit in the School of Life Sciences, we research the crossover of engineering and computer science in marine science and conservation. 

14 January 2021
A paper on the the 2021 ImageCLEF Benchmark has been accepted for presentation at ECIR 2021
18 November 2020
Essex ImageCLEFcoral team will participate in the NOAA GPU Hackathon
Designing for Collective Intelligence and Community Resilience on Social Networks.
Chamberlain, Turpin, Ali, Chatsiou & O'Callaghan, 2020 in-press. Journal of Human Computation

An NLP-Powered Human Rights Monitoring Platform
Alhelbawy, Lattimer, Kruschwitz, Fox & Poesio, 2020. Expert Systems with Applications
9.30am-1pm 9 October 2020
Annual NLIP Research Day
The group holds an annual research day at the start of Autumn term every year to bring everyone together and foster interaction between new and returning members and invited speakers. Students, researchers and academics from across the University are welcome to join. See the programme for more details.

The weekly seminars will resume on Weds 14 October.